I am not your normal fine jewelry studio.

All of my fine jewelry are personally crafted as per your order 

in a very traditional way in a London studio.

I love working like this as it causes NO over-production, No waste!

I love using recycled gold , bio gold so called green gold 

and natural gemstones, No synthetic colored diamonds is WHAT MARA LOVES

OH,  I just love thinking of the opportunity to choose vintage diamonds

which have already a story to tell. No two pieces are like the others!

I am always amazed about the vintage cuts especially the rose cuts

and the lovely pear shaped precious stones.

I am definetly a very selective buyer and I only choose jewelries for my collection 

in which I truly fell in love with.

Saving and giving me the time to choose the right pieces for my own collection

makes the difference.

Whether you want to wear it in a fashionable style

of a statement ring, in a ring stacking or for wedding  - its a piece for your lifetime.

A piece of jewelry maybe to pass on to your beloved child or friend

when the time is right -




So, did I made you curious about my rings?

You will just have a crush on them !